ZyXEL - punkt dostępowy PoE NWA1100-N 802.11 a/b/g/n

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The ZyXEL NWA1100-N is the Access Point (AP) designed for small- and medium-sized businesses to extend the existing wired networks. The NWA1100-N is the 802.11n version of ZyXEL’s entrylevel PoE AP with data rates of up to 300 Mbps.

With the prevalence of the 802.11n standard, Wi-Fi is now fast enough to be considered as the exclusive network standard for all office users, as such the ZyXEL NWA1100-N is an ideal solution that meets small business requirements. Featuring PoE support and multiple operating modes,the NWA1100-N provides the highest flexibility for WLAN deployments.

Multiple operating modes and PoE support for easy deployment

The NWA1100-N has a 4-in-1 design consisting of AP, repeater, bridge and Wi-Fi client operating modes to provide superior flexibility for WLAN network deployments.

By eliminating the need for AC power adapters, the PoE support of the NWA1100-N makes it easier than ever for users to overcome installation difficulties. ZyXEL’s PoE switches and other 802.3af standardbased PoE devices can transmit power and data to the AP simultaneously utilizing existing Ethernet wires.

Enhanced coverage and data throughput with 11n standard

With the ratified 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, businesses can now take advantage of high-speed wireless networking through the 11n-certified ZyXEL NWA1100-N. With the 11n standard and MIMO technology,the NWA1100-N supports data rates of up to 300 Mbps and provides a wider coverage with the same transmit power.

Multiple SSID for multiple application services

The NWA1100-N supports up to 4 SSIDs on one hardware platform, and this turns the unit into several virtual APs. Businesses can take advantage of this technology to allow the APs to support several applications such as public Internet access and inventory control.

SNMP management and WiFi-certified security

With a web-based configuration utility, SNMPv3 can be used to configure hundreds of APs with optional ZyXEL Enterprise Network Center* (ENC) software. The NWA1100-N is WiFi-certified for enterprise-class security and IEEE interoperability to work as an ideal choice to establish an easy-to-use wireless network in the workplace